Tough Love trumps Self Doubt

Embarking on a new path or striving to make changes doesn’t mean its going to be easy. All kinds of obstacles may show up and try to sabotage your transformation. In fact, it may actually be “tough love” that helps you to break some of these habits, patterns that aren’t serving your growth. Tough love is another form of self-care, and it’s about doing whatever it takes to stay committed to manifesting the life you want.

When you feel yourself slipping, losing motivation or looking for a way out – here are some ways you can reaffirm your intentions and embrace your pursuit of living the life you dream of.

The Sister System (formally known as the Buddy System) When you feel down in the dumps, call on your gorgeous gal pals. When women come together, it’s for the greater good, or the greater hilarity, maybe a little of both… but either way life just seems to get a little bit better. There’s a reason we say it’s a girl thing. The friends who know & love you will give it to you straight. They’ll soothe and comfort you or give you the kick in the pants you need. If your ladies know what it is you’re seeking, they’ll help you get clear & get you on your way again.

Move your body. Get out for a run or crank your favorite tunes and dance. Get the blood flowing and instantly feel your vitality increase. You know that phase, “Dance like no ones watching.”  Nike has it right, Just do it. Stoke your inner fire and start to burn away any sluggishness and whatever you perceive to be holding you back… chances are its only in your own mind.

Look good on the outside, feel good inside. Inspire yourSelf! Put on lipstick. Do your hair. Put on a hot dress.You want to feel comfortable in your skin? Then wear what makes you feel beautiful, and strut your stuff. Let’s be honest, do you associate sweat pants with productive, energized and happy people??

Certainly there are times we genuinely need to postpone our goals, to cancel commitments or put our lives on hold. I have a feeling, this is not one of those times!  Don’t let resistance slow you down. You’ve outlined your intentions, you know what you need to do, so let these little tricks be the encouragement you need to keep showing up. Keep going, keep working and say the magic words “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

Gratitude is an attitude, and when we say Thank You for the where we are presently it allows us to be open to more positivity and growth. Be grateful, You have a community, connection, you have a body, you are beautiful and worthy of cultivating the life of your dreams. Now go out there and make’em happen.

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