Tokyo diary: My Oma is my biggest cheerleader

Tokyo diary: My Oma is my biggest cheerleader

I’m writing this from Tokyo this week because I am here for one of my closest friends weddings.  It’s one of my favourite cultures and cities in the world.  But I have to be honest, when I was the tender age of 22 and got this idea that I wanted to move here, I had no clue the ride I was in for.  I had talked a lot about Tokyo with a friend who I worked with at a nightclub back in Canada.  We would stay after work and I would ask him endless questions about his home.  I didn’t know much about Japanese culture but Tokyo seemed pretty cool and I sure liked the way it looked in the movies.

It was a pretty quick decision process for me and once I hit the ground in Tokyo, totally lost and confused, I awkwardly started to find my footing and there was no turning back.  Since that day 10 years ago, I discovered my love for new cultures, travel, adventure, the unknown, and I have continued to following my heart and have been lead around the globe to find these things and be inspired.

It hasn’t all been easy. There have been many teary phone calls home to my mom, moments of doubt and stumbles along the way. I’ve also had people in my life tell me I am living it wrong.  And when those naysayers challenge my decisions, naturally, I second guess myself too.  But I like to see those moments as opportunities to check in with myself.  What’s my purpose for doing what I am doing?  Am I on this path for me?  Is there joy in what I am doing?  Am I inspired and loved by the people I am spending my time with?  Am I growing?  If it is a yes to all those things, I keep doing what I am doing, always striving to learn and grow.  But if not, and that nay-saying person has done me the favour of pointing something out, I take stock of things and decide for myself what needs to shift.

I talked to my Oma (German for grandmother) yesterday and she was so thrilled reminiscing about when I decided to move to Tokyo 10 years ago.  She told how proud she is of me and that she can’t think of any better way for ME to be living MY life.  She said, “I know some people don’t understand but that’s just because they aren’t you and you don’t need them to understand. You keep doing what you do.”

How cool is that?  At 78 she is my biggest cheerleader!

Everyone won’t always understand your decisions or your path, but that doesn’t mean you have chosen the wrong path or that you need to turn back or you need to do what they think is best.  It just means they aren’t you.  Consciously choose to follow your heart and fall in love with your life.  You know better than anybody what elevates you, so go out there and get it!  I promise you, you’ll meet some very inspiring people along the way.  And maybe you will be attending their weddings 10 years from now on the other side of the globe!

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P.S.  I will post wedding photos next week.  It’s going to be gorgeous!

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