Thriving in Dark Times

Thriving in Dark Times

As we move into the darker months of the year here in the northern hemisphere, we can really find ourselves “shrinking” if we allow it. Colder, longer days coax us to stay cooped up in our cozy houses and spend less time outdoors in the elements, as well we tend to have alot less “facetime” with friends. Winter is an introverted season, with the exception of the holidays (we’ll get to that survival guide later 😉 )  rather than dwell in the darkness,  here our a few ways to accept & thrive in the winter months.


Darkness is the perfect canvas for our imaginations to run wild. Dare to dream during this time, and start to direct your energy towards the things you are manifesting in your life, your relationships & your health.


  • Journal. Write it down. Poetry or point form. Writing is an amazing tool for insight & personal development. Make November the month you start.
  • Cozy up with a mug of hot tea, light a beautiful candle and create a vision board. Make it an event, pick a night just for you — or even a date night to do one with your partner. Upcylce your old cosmos and conde nast, or do it virtually using pinterest.  When we can see tangible things we want to bring into our lives – they start to appear. It may not be exactly in the way/shape or form we expect – but that is part of the beauty of life. Let things come & unfold as they are supposed to, and we always given what we need.
  • Daily Practice – Spiritual or otherwise, but make space for this. Commit to 7 minutes. Who doesn’t have time for that? Start with 7 and if you have more time and feel inspired, do more… but don’t do less.  7 mins on your yoga mat, 7 mins on your meditation pillow, 7 min dance party with the kids, 7 minute freewrite in your journal… you get the picture.
  • If you’re spending alot of time “inward,” Work on your Self. Find tools you can get down with, and clear away whats no longer needed to make room for opportunity and inspiration. Re-invent your Self,  re-emerge as a brighter YOU, come Spring.
  • Find a hobby. Read. Knit. Bake. Paint. Sculpt. Make Jewelry. Dance. Crochet. Play Guitar. Snowshoe. Play Cards. Hula Hoop… to name a few. Pick something you love, set aside time each week to DO IT. It’s so easy to turn on the TV or flip through facebook when you have downtime, but is it lighting you up? Taking time to embrace your interests stimulates your mind & can be very fulfilling and relaxing.

These are simply some of the practices I’m committing to through November. I would love to hear from my tribe about your winter rituals, hobbies and how you put these darker months to positive use.

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