Sweat Meets Style w/ Joanna Magik – The Passion Files

Sweat Meets Style w/ Joanna Magik – The Passion Files

At Little Black Dress Plan we love love love connecting with women who are killing it.  Women living their passions and sharing them with the world!  We also make a point of staying fit and have fun sweating it out; be it dancing, in the gym or on the trails.  That’s why we share a solid connection this lovely lady, Joanna Majcherkiewicz (aka Joanna Magik), that we want to introduce you to.

I met Joanna through an amazing group of women I know in Calgary, Canada and we were fast friends on the dance floor.  I seriously don’t know anyone who can do what she can do.  Talk about getting your workout in your heels!  After our dance floor union, I learned that Joanna is living her passion though teaching spin classes, inspiring other women to be confident and have fun through sport and fitness, all while giving them ideas of what to wear in the thick of it.  Oh and did I mention she is a killer Branding / Marketing master too?  Click play to see what I’m talking about…

I love what she does; mixing marketing with fitness and fashion, and don’t even get me started on her enthusiasm for life.  Seriously SO contagious!  She is a walking example of being able to have and do it all.  What are the things you are passionate about?  Start dreaming up your life when it is filled with just that…ALL YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT!

Check out her sweat-a-licious styles and tight tunes on The Sweat Style HERE.

And her magnificent marketing HERE.

Oh and don’t let us forget her fitness philosophy. It’s wicked.  Adopt it if it suits you, you know we have…

Remember that working out because we love our bodies is KEY!  Not because we feel the opposite.  I challenge you to look at what you do to sweat…dance, yoga, running, spin class…what ever it is and make a 2 week fitness plan and hold your self to it.  Promise to do those 3 classes a week for the next 2 weeks.    Make yourself a priority and have some fun getting Sweaty Girl!

We love you Joanna! xo


Photos: For The Sweat Style by Jacquey Valadka.

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