Your Journey to Prosperity, Peace & Happiness

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I’ve learned that I’ve had it all along. I just had to let Starting Over work within me. The teachings from this glorious weekend would bring out the best in anyone. I loved it so much. Sisters!!! Come and let Bonnie & Amber Joy work their magic. It will change your life.


Thank you Bonnie and Amber for assisting me in Starting Over. I moved back from Germany after 23 years and it was not easy. At times I thought “what am I back here for?” Well, being with you & all the women for 4 days let me know that, “Yes, I am meant to return”. You also assisted me in knowing I can move my life forward now. You approached every one of us with wisdom, love, support, and information with the intention of moving us forward in starting over. Your knowledge lead us through major changes. With her sessions of teaching & sharing, Bonnie supported me in saying YES to my next phase. Amber’s music, yoga, and mediation techniques are for everyday use for a life time. Bonnie & Amber, a Mother & Daughter team, are simply the best. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve and be blessed by sharing from my heart. I will never forget it. This goes in my life story. 

Vanda Gusman

My time at the Little Black Dress Plan’s Sisterhood retreat has been phenomenal, awe inspiring…I’m buzzing and glowing with light.  It has been absolutely wonderful to learn from mentors like Bonnie & Amber Joy. They are ladies & leaders who lead and inspire from a place of truth. This retreat has made a world of difference in my life and I plan to return for every LBDP retreat, because it’s so important for all women today to have this kind of connection. As a spiritual being, I need support from a sisterhood and I’ve just developed some incredible life long bonds with some of the women here and I want to continue to carry this forward in my life.
Kim Jev

Puerto Vallarta is so amazing! And the women at Starting Over are incredible.  I hadn’t met anyone before coming and it can make you a little nervous, going to a place with people you don’t know.  I learned that if you stay open, amazing things will happen!  That is what this retreat has done for me, it’s opened me up to insightfulness, to love, to an incredible camaraderie with women I never thought that I would experience.  It has been such a gift and blessing, and in only a few days. Change happens in an instant.  So if you want change, if you want love, if you really want to find who you are, get connected with Bonnie & Amber and Start Over!

Rachel Easterly

The retreat was fantastic!  We had so much fun and could feel the great sisterhood being built, as we all came together, everyone with the purpose of starting over.  All the women were raising each other up, helping each other be the best version of ourselves. It’s a safe space, where we all get to share our transitions, focus on our passions, open up to living our biggest lives. 
I’d definitely recommend this retreat to anyone looking to get some clarity about the direction they want to go, or if you are starting over after a divorce, death, or transition.  But it doesn’t have to be anything extreme, it could just be for you if you want to gain footing in your life and want to get pointed in the best direction for your goals and dreams.
Leanne McLaughlin

As a result of our Starting Over Retreats, women say they are able to determine their purpose in life and begin to live a life of prosperity & abundance.  It may be after a death, a divorce, a career changing… No matter what, there comes a time when we all decide to start over.

Bonnie Muenz

Starting Over – Your Journey to Prosperity Peace & Happiness.

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