Rise above overwhelm and doubt

Rise above overwhelm and doubt

Recently I’ve had a lot of women come to me with a similar problem.  What’s coming up are feelings of overwhelm, doubt, feeling stuck, wanting to be more purposeful than they feel they’re being, etc.  We’re currently living in an age of information overwhelm and with that comes a lot of outside expectation…expectations we then choose to validate and place on ourselves… I should be fitter, I should  be more productive, I should have achieved this already, I need to be a sex kitten, a great listener and best friend, a strong business woman, I should have had a baby by now, I should have more money, I need to be a superhero… I need to be doing a million things at once, all while I am in a million places at once!  Pheeewwwweeee!  It stresses me out just thinking of all those things!

So please allow me to shine some light on these paralysing expectations we’re placing on ourselves by giving you 6 tools to put into play that will help you…

Recharge, chill out, love yourself, use all of your gifts and talents to SHINE and more!


1. Believe in yourself!

Wake up every morning and make a choice to believe in yourself.  Believe that your talents and your presence will be used to bless your world today and that everything you put forward into the world is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

2. Recharge your Bunny batteries

Self care is something we all need so badly in order to charge our energizer bunny batteries.  If you keep putting everyone else first and yourself last, you’re certain to fizzle out like those cheap no-name batteries.  To be the bunny, a girl has got to take care of number 1….herself.  This can be through meditation, massage, being in nature, sweating, baths, prayer, laughter, speaking your truth, listening to what you need, being still…  You DO NOT have to grind yourself down until almost nothing is left before you get a spa day sister! (or whatever you need…a day off just to be quiet and creative).  Do whatever it takes to take care of you before it’s too late.

3. Coulda Woulda Shoulda!

Be in the constant practice of priority management.  Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask “Is this in alignment with my values, my goals and my passions?”  Also check in to see if you’re feeling good on the path you’re on.  Consciousness is key!  Be sure you’re doing things for the right reason.  Not simply to please others or because you think you should… Ohhhhhhh the good old “should” word. The only thing you should do is drop that word from your vocab stat!

4. Trust and Allow

Take a week and commit to allowing – all week long.  Be crystal clear on what it is that you are wanting to invite into your life or wanting to cultivate or change.  Be patient and trust.  I know these seem simple when you say them, but put em into practice and it can be tougher than you think.  So when you’re feeling like you are turning into a control kitten or just can’t remember how to trust and allow…(do step 5)

5. Connect to your breath.

It’s simple and it works.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, controlling, stuck or like you’re about to react to a situation without thinking first…stop, go inside yourself and take 3 long deep breaths.  Even if you’re in a conversation, you can still do this.  I do it all the time, and lemme tell you, it saves me from saying a lot of things I don’t mean to say, helps me be purposeful in my communication, stops the overwhelm, reminds me that I have all that I need within me to do great things.

6. Be love.

Your purpose is to be love, to shine your light on others in your life and those who cross your path.  No need to get all worked up with what titles you identify yourself with…all you need to know is you are love and your sole purpose is to be love, be loved and love others.


I hope this helps you in rising above the overwhelm and doubt.  You are infinite and if you believe in yourself…you can do so much more than you might think.  We’d love to know about your experience when you implement these 6 golden nuggets in your life.  Tell us about it in the comments below.


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