The Reindeer Roller Coaster AKA December

The Reindeer Roller Coaster AKA December

The month of madness is finally here!  This month is one that often resembles a reindeer roller coaster; a dash of excitement, a cup of nostalgia, and equal parts spending, fighting for parking spots, consuming, new traditions and old… and of course an ounce of coming together with family.  That last ingredient is a loaded one, as it could be a beautiful reunion, sticky family politics or old emotions being dug up.  So we wanted to give you a bit of a guide to the month of December to help you stay connected to yourSelf, enjoy all the blessings in your life and help you not lose your cool.


The theme for the month of December is Transition.


In order to transition, we must really let go of the old; what no longer suits and serves you.  Then you are free to take the leap into new territory.  This month is about being in the middle – in mid air; between what you felt piling up and stripping away last month, and the new territory we are headed into in the beginning of 2016.  Don’t look down, don’t freeze-up or chicken-out.  Keep your eye on where you are headed, trust your decisions and get ready for landing.

Make a commitment to supporting yourself and living authentically this month. Watch for your patterns of putting others first, not speaking authentically, letting others push your emotional buttons only to give your power away.  This is an optimal time for conscious commitment because it’s easy to get swept up in the buzz of the season.  And yet we want to be ready for this grand transition, we want to be cultivating our inner power and not giving any more power to these patterns that are so deeply ingrained.

Transition is a process, and it’s not going to mean all the darkness and emotions will fall away or that you are meant to try to make them. It just means that when you commit to align yourself with your authentic power, you empower yourself and reconnect to your healing and truth, ready for your grand transition.

Bottom line, commit to learning to love ALL of you and you will move through this month with grace.


And now, Our tips for you this month…


Don’t look down.

While you’re in mid air leaping to new grounds, there is no room for second guessing yourself or judging yourself. If you use negative words, thoughts or actions against yourself, you’re simply cutting yourself down and using your own power to hurt yourself.  Set yourself up for success by staying focused on the new territory of your transition and start by creating healthy habits in favor of you;

  • Stop saying yes when you really mean no. Don’t be afraid of disappointing people, I promise that is just short term (if at all).  Because if you have to realign your life or sacrifice other commitments for the things you begrudgingly said yes to, that’s gonna be a whole lot more painful in the long run.
  • When you’ve got your goggles on and you’re about to dive into the deep-end of family drama, STEP AWAY FROM THE POOL. And try a different approach; try letting things slip by you unfazed, try asking them questions about their life and opening up.  It’s a fact that we tend to talk to our family and closest loved ones in ways we would never treat new friends or even strangers.  So if you have to, think about treating your family like you would treat someone you’ve just met; with respect, openness and patience.
  • Keep your consumption in check.  It can be fun to cheers a few eggnogs and everyone loves their favorite holiday treats, but overeating and overindulging in the Christmas Kool-aid is not going to make matters any better.  Especially if you’re planning on fighting shopping crowds the next day. Pay attention when you are consuming; ask yourself “Do I really want this?” “Does this serve me?” Consuming to calm nerves or avoid emotions will leave you with more than just a tummy ache.
  • Cease making everyone else happy while ignoring your own needs and desires.  Instead pay attention to and then tend to your own needs. When you are energized and centered, you will show up and have fun in the most joyful way.


Don’t look back.

You are a beautiful bright being. You are here to offer this world the gifts only you can bring.  Remember this when you are being drawn back into old habits and patterns that being around family might stir up in you.  When you allow others to push your emotional buttons, you become their slave. So if you’re feeling your teenage self wanting to lash out or you’re getting rubbed the wrong way by your siblings, step outside and take a little walk or even just a breather in the bathroom.  Take long deep breaths and focus on the bright light that you are.  And even if you’re not totally feeling it, just pretend and focus on the person you want to be.


Commit to you.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

When you commit to what you feel you are supposed to do, when you live your life according to what you think is expected, when you attach your worth to looking a certain way, owning certain things, being sexy, slim, endlessly helpful…you’ll always feel like something is missing.

This holiday season you might find yourself feeling lonely, or envious watching others with their families, or wondering why no one is popping the question to you with a diamond ring. Looking outside yourself for love and happiness ain’t the star on the top of the tree, trust me.

You are all you need.

When you bust through these barriers, your joy will come from within and you will feel whole and complete.  Live from a place of authenticity, allowing your inner truth and beauty to shine through.


Believe in your inner power.

This is a tricky time and it’s easy to fall into the pit of judging your worth and your power by how much money you have, how many gifts you buy, how you look. But please remember, those things do not give you real power.

Your power comes from within.

It’s something in you that you cultivate; it’s your connection to self; your authenticity and true self expression. Abundance and power come from your connection to your inner self and inner resources. You’ve got everything you need within you.


With that, we want to wish you Blessings & Abundance this holiday season and an amazing Transition in December!

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