Our Journey in Looking & Feeling Great

Our Journey in Looking & Feeling Great

Hey everyone, I’m Melissa, and I am so so excited to start this journey with Little Black Dress Plan and Isagenix International , to transform my life in every way! I am starting a 30 day cleansing and fat burning system with my Mom and sister, and we are going to share all of our experiences, changes and results with you! Personally, I’ve struggled with having energy throughout the day, low self esteem, having the motivation to work out, and I constantly feel like I’m in a love/hate relationship with my body. I’m committing to this program in order to start making some great changes in my life!

I believe that when you transform your body, you also transform your life and there is so much power in looking and feeling great! I cannot wait to start making huge changes in my body, to feel energized every single day, and to begin to absolutely love my body inside and out!

We are going to show everyone what can happen to your body, mind and life in 30 days. So I hope you follow along in our journey in creating more passion and big possibilities in our lives!!

– Melissa & Christina

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