No need to punch a hole in the wall

No need to punch a hole in the wall

Having a great day or having a rough day?  I have to be honest with you, as I have been gearing up to leave Bali for 6 weeks the past 10 days have been tense, to say the least.  My partner is helping me build a new technical part of the website, I am trying to wrap up a bunch of loose ends, preparing for a level 2 Teaching Certification course with Gabby Bernstein…PLUS I haven’t had chocolate in a month!  Yikes!   Me, my thoughts and emotions have been on a roller coaster ride.  Ever been here before?

I have gone into places of self doubt and as I have gone up against challenges; website crashes, power outages, arguments and miscommunications (yes, we are all human), my attention has come back to my commitment to positive thought.  I have caught myself complaining and just about allowing the words “today sucks” or “I am having a bad day” out of my mouth.  But I am  conscious of this and am working hard to fight my old tendencies, I am taking deep breaths and choosing different proclamations and solutions.

Instead, this week I stepped away from dwelling in frustration and took time away from my work when the power had been out and I opened a book, I gave attention to my end of communications and LISTENING, really listening!  I took time to be sure that what I wanted to say was actually being said and heard; no angry-Amber controlling the conversation.

Committing to positive thought is no walk in the park, but it is worth the effort of choosing over and over throughout the day to see things differently,  to stop, breathe and reassess.

Try to find ways you can shift your perspective.  Step away from situations that are driving you nuts, slow down, see things from other peoples shoes.  It works!  Trust me, coming from a girl who has struggled with a hot temper and even punched holes in walls.  I made it through the week and now I am jumping on a plane to NYC!

Hear more about how this positive thought works…

You got this!


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