Move into Fall with purpose and creativity

Move into Fall with purpose and creativity

It’s the first day after the last long weekend of summer. What can we say? It’s days like these that can test us and ask us if we’re ready for the next chapter. You might be feeling all revved up and raring to go, ready to tackle the end of 2016. Or you might have a very different feeling as summer slips away. Perhaps feeling nostalgic about the months past, confused about what lies ahead.

No matter how you’re feeling, honour where you’re at. Know that you are where you’re meant to be, and that you have a choice…

You can choose to thive or merely survive.
We each have a choice every day.

Our wish for you is that you choose to thrive…

Choose to live a life full of laughter, growth, passion & personal expression.

If those words, especially the big “Passion” one seems too big, and you’re wondering what that might mean to you, simply look to the things that inspire you, the things that make you smile, light you up. Put those things in your schedule, make them non negotiable.

Say YES to inspiration!

I once read, and definitely believe it to be true, that one of the best ways to get in touch with who you really are, your soul, is to lose yourself in creativity. That doesn’t mean you need to strap on your ballerina point shoes or write a play, unless that’s your creative form. But to express yourself through something that you can lose yourself in, something that feels good, doesn’t feel like work, and 4 hours can go by with it feeling more like 30 minutes. It could mean making lunches for your children with special care and love, writing a letter to your best friend on beautiful stationary, dancing in your living room, crafting something for someone you life, writing, reading, walking in the forest….


Remember your creativity. And remember to continuously choose in favour of what stirs your heart and makes you smile!

Here’s to a Creative & Inspired September!

Leave a comment below to let us know how you’re committed to your creativity this month.


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