Love Your Reality

Sometimes all it takes for us to understand where we are at in life, is to take a step back. Most people talk about “needing” a vacation and look forward to “getting away from it all”, but we rarely hear people talk about how they can’t wait to get back to reality after a vacation. Sure, reality is exactly that, real. It doesn’t usually involve fancy tropical fruit drinks, gorgeous ocean sunsets and alarm clock-free mornings, but it does have many other things that we can’t get on vacation.

Like when you have a project or deadline that is challenging you; the ideas and drive that lead you to accomplishing your goal feel great, never mind the high of an incredible & successful outcome. Routine in daily life; saying good morning to your loved ones, having a great work-out, chatting to your neighbors, snuggling with your pets, taking long walks in the evening…these are all things to celebrate too. They are all part of reality, so watch before you say “reality bites.”

Wether or not you have a vacation scheduled anytime soon, remember to bask in the glory of today. Take a step back, let the little things make you smile and remember to be thankful for all that you have, all that challenges you and all there is to look forward to.

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