Just like your apples, life is organic

Just like your apples, life is organic

When I quit my fashion trend forecasting job in Tokyo almost 2 years ago I knew I wanted to take my passion of inspiring and empowering women to the next level. For years, many of my girlfriends and work friends were coming to me for guidance and insight from all the study I had done around living your best life. I loved asking questions, coaching them through obstacles, brainstorming ideas, consulting on their brands and looking at the big universal questions together, like “Isn’t there more to life?”.  I came to realize I loved doing it and I was pretty good at it too.

I had no idea what would happen after I started to make decisions in favour of what I wanted to do. I couldn’t predict that 19 months later I would be living in Bali, the same place where I began to open myself up to the possibilities of this particular passion. That’s because life isn’t linear, it’s organic. The dot-to-dots of life don’t go in the order you expect and when you follow your passion, one key element is understanding you must let go of expectations. We truly have to believe in “this or something better”.

During the time between then and now I’ve taken myself through a process to uncover my purpose and start to live my passion full out.  This included being open and saying yes to the unknown and new opportunities, stripping myself of my stories about myself and getting reacquainted with my authentic self.  It’s crazy how far we go from our true selves with all the “shoulds” and distractions of life.

I would like to invite you to say yes to an opportunity I am so excited to offer up to you. The Power of Living on Purpose is next week, April 14th.  We will be hosting a 1 hour web workshop live on the Internet, guiding you to get back in tune with your authentic self, get unstuck, and realign with your purpose and passion.

Register here for the FREE live event – April 14th 6pm Pacific.

I will be joined by my business partner, best friend, inspiration and mother, Bonnie Muenz (aren’t I lucky?!?), who will be bringing her a wealth of experience and passion for empowering women in the realm of Prosperity, Passion and Starting Over.

We would absolutely love to have YOU there with us!

Amber Joy



  1. Shona

    I live in london, uk so when ur doing the webnair, i wll be fast asleep! Any chance of another one being done earlier or getting a recording of this one?julie bunker is a friend of mine and she told me abt this webnair and that it wud be of interest to me!

    • Amber Joy

      Hi Shona, Thanks so much for the interest! We would love to hook you up with both the worksheet and recording. If you register your name and email for the event here https://littleblackdressplan.com/live-online-events/ we will send that out to you as soon as the event in finished. Looking forward to sharing with you!
      Amber X

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