Reach your goals with Power & Purpose!

Gain confidence and clarity.  Say YES to living your life by design.


Like you want to create a change and feel differently about life

but don’t know how to make the change stick?


Wake up happy where you’re at and know you are moving closer to your dreams.

IGNITE YOUR LIFE is a 40 Day E-course designed for you to create big shifts and achieve exciting goals.  Expect to change habits & thought patterns, break through fear & limiting beliefs, release tension, expectation & anxiety, stop procrastinating and make yourself a priority.

What’s going to happen over the 6 weeks of Ignite Your Life?

Each week we will focus on a different topic that will guide you to strengthen your approach to creating change, believe in yourself, and get the creativity & momentum flowing.

You’ve Got This!

This week is all about designing your life with power of positive thought and setting yourself up for success.  Identify goals you are truly passionate about, commit to them fully and discover ways to break them down so your everyday actions take you there.  Plus you will learn how to create new healthy habits over our 40 days together.

Get fired up!

Action is key!  Learn focus and persistence techniques that teach you to take daily action, propelling yourself into momentum.  Use a system of keeping it simple and avoid becoming overwhelmed by what needs to get done.  Start to think big, stop procrastinating and show up as your true self in every situation.

Gratitude + Vision = Greatness

We will show you how to let go and move into a place of gratitude.  Release stress, anxiety, expectation and worry.  Drop the tension and believe.  Have fun dreaming and designing your life this week.

The F Word

We are talking about FEAR. Time to call on your courage and lean into fear.  Sound scary?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be. This week we dig deep to identify your limiting beliefs, get to know your fears, and look at ways they have stopped you from creating the life you desire.  Then we turn it all around and get courageous. This week is a game changer!

Get Pumped-Up with Prosperity!

This week we will teach you how your beliefs about money run your life and how to rid your worries about debt and lack. Ditch your fears of “not enough”.  You can turn your beliefs around and create more abundance than you have ever known.  Expect to have shifts that assist you to open yourself up to your own abundance and prosperity!

Amplify your Success!

We send you off with great tools to set you up for success.  Be true to yourself and make yourself a priority without feeling selfish.  Learn techniques to be crazy effective, stop listening to the stories that are holding you back, strengthen your beliefs in possibility, change your mind about yourself and CELEBRATE.

IGNITE YOUR LIFE is for anyone at any place in their life and journey.  If you are ready to step up and and step into your power, we would love to have you.  If you are hesitant but know there are some things that you want to get rid of in your life, this course will help you cut ties and generate a habit of positive thought, effecting your life and those around you.

 How am I going to learn?

You’ll have access to a private members-only website where the weekly content will be revealed on the Sunday leading into each new module. All content will be available beyond the end of the course so you can always come back to it.


Each week will include;

  • Video introduction to the weekly focus

  • Audio meditation

  • Worksheets to help you dig deep

  • Powerful affirmations

  • Short morning & evening rituals and exercises

  • Weekly recorded audio talks to answer questions and inspire you

Are you ready to get on the path to living your best life?


What if I fall off schedule?

All content will be available even after the course finishes.  If you end up needing to work at your own pace, that is not a problem.

Is it true I can invite a friend for $68 after I sign up?

Yes it is! We’re committed to growing an international sisterhood of women living their highest visions for their livesYou’ll receive a promo code to pass on to your girlfriend after registration.

What should I do if I have more questions now or during the program?

Please email us at and we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Is today the day you say YES to start living your purpose?

This has been an incredible 40 days!  Through thought provoking exercises and the establishment of morning and evening routines, I have seen growth in so many areas of my life.  In my thoughts, my self talk, my courage to try new things, to face my fears and especially to rewrite old stories that are no longer serving me.  I enjoyed every challenge they put forward to me and I found myself eagerly awaiting the next week’s Ignite Your Life coursework.  I now find that I am believing in myself, believing that I have passions and to seek them out and that I am dreaming again and believing that those dreams can and will come true. Janet

The last 40 days have been incredible for me! I’ve had a complete turnaround in my mentality towards school, work, relationships, and most importantly myself! I’m beginning to realize the power of positive thinking, and how powerful my mind is. This course has taught me that I’m in control  of my life, and I can accomplish all I want to accomplish. Through the daily affirmations, meditations and goal making in this course, I have adopted a new found positive and energetic approach to my daily life. This course has been absolutely amazing!! Anonymous

It was an experience that deepened my ability to get in touch with myself, but even more, it helped me understand how to share who I am and how to live it. It provided me with amazing resources, tools, skills and habits that I can will use for the rest of my life.  I am so grateful for Little Black Dress Plan and the generosity of the sisterhood. Courtney

I love that I have a new focus. Instead of excuses, I wake up and get what I need to get done …done. Anonymous

What an opportunity that was given to me to participate in a 40 day e-course about changing my life. It was the first time that I really committed to journaling on a very regular basis. It was a very simple premise of being clear about what I want in my life and putting all my focus on that. It made me look at my life and dreams that I have. I am a creature of organization and structure (perhaps not always a good thing!) but I enjoyed having a very clear schedule of daily morning and evening exercises to do. This held me accountable. Everyday I looked at my goals that I set for myself and what action I needed to do to reach them. The course provided lots of affirmations and meditations  to help me on my journey. I really liked that each week had a different theme or focus which kept propelling me forward. I was learning so much about myself! This kept me engaged and eager to keep learning and growing. It was a very exciting journey and I’m hoping to participate in the next course offered!! Susan

Hosted by:

Dynamic mother-daughter duo, Amber Joy & Bonnie Muenz.

Together bringing a vast array of experiences, we are committed to inspiring women to SHINE.  Through IGNITE YOUR LIFE, we are building a SISTERHOOD; a strong supportive community, using our CREATIVE forces to inspire women to RISE UP, live their BIGGEST lives, LOVE fiercely, EMPOWER one another, and to recognize & exercise their true PURPOSE and POTENTIAL.

We would love to have you join us in our Sisterhood!

Have questions? We would love to hear from you.

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