Go from feeling robbed to feeling rich!

Go from feeling robbed to feeling rich!

What a trip!  I arrived in Bali last week and have been fully amazed by how things are working out. Miracles all around.  But before I lose you and send you away thinking, “that girl must be wearing rose tinted glasses,” let me first back up.  A few years ago I was thrown a loop, a big one.  It flipped my whole life upside down, to the point where I couldn’t even return to my apartment or studio and my best friend had to pack up my life and store it for me, as I had to start over elsewhere.  I felt robbed and at a loss.  With no idea what to do next  I continued to move forward one tiny step at a time, having lost the faith that good things would happen.  But I moved on.  I had to.

Now looking back I can see that I wasn’t denied anything.  In fact some things were simply removed from my life to prepare me for the next, but it was awfully hard to see when I was stuck in the drama of it all.  That trying time lead me to move back to my love, my favorite city, Tokyo.  I eventually landed a fantastic job with what is now @WGSN, then stylesight.  Being offered the opportunity to use my instinct and fashion expertise to work in trend forecasting, it was perfect.  A few years into the job I took a trip to Bali.  Financially and vacation-day-wise it didn’t make any sense, but I had been dying to go and so I did.   I fell in love with the place, the people the culture.  It was one of the clearest times of my life.  I knew that some things needed to change, but wasn’t totally sure why or where it would lead me, but I needed to begin the journey…before I was forced to again.  So I began writing, what it was that I wanted in my life, what I wanted it to look like and that I wanted to be back in Bali.

It has been a year and a half since that first trip and 2 moves around the world.  And here I am back in Asia!  In fact, I am back in Bali with my 1/2 Balinese boyfriend who is an angel.  I had never met any Balinese people in my motherland of Canada, but one cold winter day last year when I was visiting my home in Canada, I did.  And now here we are in an incredible Balinese home that has been offered to us, on the same street I trekked up and down several times the first time I came to Bali…looking for something we never did find.  Now I am pretty sure I found it.

Life is a crazy thing, and we all know that.  But what I want you to see is that often things will be removed from our lives or doors closed; be it via loss of a job, relationship or injury, these instances are not meant to leave us with less, but meant to encourage us to look further, to stretch beyond ourselves and get ready for new opportunity.  Earlier this year when getting Certified by the extraordinary Gabby Bernstein, she told us about at time when a friend came to her saying she had lost her job and Gabby‘s response was, “Congratulations! You are ready for what is next.”  And great things did come next.  Sometimes obsticles just need to be knocked out of our own way.

Where do you need to look for opportunity?  Is there something in your life that you just know it is time to let it go?  Well if there is, do it!  Don’t wait another day.  And if you have something you are ready to achieve, what do you think I am gonna say???  DO IT!  The time is NOW!

I am so so passionate about helping people create change in their life, let go of the old and live their biggest lives.  That’s why I am so excited about the first e-course we are offering this January,  Ignite Your Life.  It’s the perfect time to take the reigns.  What my beautiful mother and I will be teaching you is so dear to both our hearts and so exciting for us.  It’s the first time we are pulling all our learning, passion and inspiration together to start changing the world one woman at at time.  Wanna know more?  Check this out!

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  1. Ali

    Wow, Amber! Your journey is so inspiring. It is easy to make excuses all day long why you can’t do something. It is refreshing to hear a story where someone just takes on life. One question…do you have a guest room???

    • Amber Joy

      Haha! Yes, in fact we do! 😉

  2. Laura

    My life experiences have taught me that it is always darkest before the dawn. Glad I have friends like you and other spirit junkies to bask with in the sunlight 🙂 Hope you had a gorgeous birthday!

  3. Jacqueline

    Love your story Amber!
    Thank you for sharing.

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