Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Wherever you may be today, take the opportunity to give thanks.

Looking back over the last month I realize I  have become far more grateful for all the little blessings that I may have been taking for granted. I have discovered there are so many areas in my life I can express gratitude for.

1. Relationships –  Gratitude allows relationships to flourish. Be thankful for everyone in your life. For your parents who gave you life. For your siblings, friends and for the people who embrace who you are, support you  and who made you are, even by challenging you.

2. Health – Health is a gift of life. Giving thanks for the health you are receiving is vital. Your body truly is a miracle and your gratitude allows for a vibrant life and space for healing.

3.Community -When you are gracious people respond. Learn to become open, learn to connect to your heart and look people in the eye. You will find life easier & more lovely when you create connection.

4. Money – If there is food on your table today – give thanks. Whatever we have now we must be genuinely thankful for and that will open the door for more abundance to flow in.

5. Your Desires – Don’t be afraid to wish upon a star. Make lists of your dreams and goals. Create a vision board. Have gratitude for all you have accomplished in your life and trust you are on your path. Stay focused on your hopes and dreams.

Express your gratitude .. say it out loud TODAY to friends and family, or say it to yourself – but see your life as full, vast & rich. Recognize all the gifts you already have and celebrate the abundance.

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