Get ready to Welcome Prosperity & Abundance

Are you Really Open to Prosperity & Abundance in Your Life?

You may have noticed many people experiencing their lives being shaken-up over the past few weeks.  Some of you may have been in life situations where you were asking yourself “What am I doing here?  What/Who am I really committed to?  And why?”  But now the question is, “WHAT DO I WANT? ” And with this usually comes the bigger question “DO I REALLY HAVE WHAT I NEED TO GET THERE?”

We have seen some major shifts with 2 eclipses last month, along with easter focusing on resurrection in our lives and spring; a blossoming of the new.  It’s at this time that I find myself so open to greatness, prosperity and abundance.  Like never before!  All of a sudden you may find yourself open too…open for change, open to prosperity for yourself, and READY FOR FULL-ON ABUNDANCE!!!  YES it is your time.

What would life look like if all of your needs were met?  All of them; Financial, Wellness, Spiritual; Relationships — JUST FULL-ON BLISSFUL?!?!  After dreaming about living in a certain city; getting myself there, loving it,  I found myself escaping the chaos and quieting into my spiritual self, thinking about my dedication to Prosperity & Abundance and asking myself what that means to me?

It means being so grateful for everything and everyone who is in my life. Stopping to take a breath and saying thank you for my lessons.  Grateful that I am no longer accepting “reasonable” as my quality of life or measuring my income or successes next to those of others.  Being thankful for my unlimited vision and ability to DREAM BIG!  Loving my ability to think outside of the box with NO filters.   Abundance to me means seeing MAGIC and MIRACLES everywhere.  It means allowing my imagination to guide me and be the staircase up to my next stage of life.  It means being brave to be open and EMBRACE EVERY NEW THOUGHT AND ACTION OF PROSPERITY that shows up in my life.

I  believe we can get so used to living in our drama and focusing on what we do not have that we bring on more of  what we do not have in an even bigger way!  Scary, right?  NOW this is the time TO MAKE THE SHIFT AWAY FROM DRAMA AND TOWARDS ABUNDANCE!

There is a difference when you spend the evening with someone focused on all they DO NOT HAVE and watching the negative pattern when someone lives in scarcity and lack.  They generate more of that which they do not want.   However, when you spend an evening with someone focused on and grateful for their current and upcoming blessings, you can feel their energy drawing in the new, INVITING THAT WHICH THEY WANT.

When I focus on what I am grateful for…I bring on more of what I truly desire.

What if you truly believed that you deserve the life you dream of?  And what if you believed that YOU open the doors to prosperity and abundance?  As much as you truly desire!

Its true. 

We at Little Black Dress Plan have a Passion to share with you more ways to be open to your own Prosperity and Abundance.  Are you open to it?  We are so grateful for the abundance and Prosperity that is about to surround all of you as you experience your own shift of consciousness.

Keep tuning in for more tips and inspiration as we make our way to Manifesting in May!

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