Friendly Ceviche

Friendly Ceviche

Ahhh Springtime. The sun is shining, the trees are budding, and nature’s vibrancy returns. Harmoniously, we also feel a resurgence of energy as we begin to emerge from our cozy winter cocoons. Gone are the long winter days of root vegetables, comfort foods and red wine. Springtime is a great time to get inspired about your health & your diet. NOW is the time, butterfly.

In Springtime we have the opportunity to tap into a natural appetite for living foods – the fruits and veggies that begin to sprout around us. We have all heard the benefits of a plant-based diet: weight loss, more energy, better sleep. Let springtime welcome even more veggie options to our daily menus. Rather than abruptly resigning your previous eating habits, simply begin to add more fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds to your diet and you may even notice your old staples of meat, dairy and bread begin to fall away.

Get creative & keep things simple. There are healthy and conscious substititutes for all your favorite exotic foods!

This coconut ceviche recipe is delicious, simple & festive. Young coconut has a multitude of health benefits. From a more youthful complexion to a powerful antioxidant, and it has only a portion of the fat as a mature coconut, so go crazy on pairing this with guacamole! All the raw organic ingredients make this a superfood ceviche sure to wow all your friends this cinco de mayo 😉  This recipe is adaptable to your tastes, so spice it up with chili, you could add crushed garlic, more lime, even add red or green peppers or corn. Serve with simple tortilla chips, in a lettuce wrap, top a salad with it… shout out your variation with us on instagram #LBDPrecipes

1.Use the butt end of knife to crack into the young coconut
2.Pour out liquid & scrape out coconut meat into a bowl.
3. Chop cucumbers
4. De-seed and finely chop jalapenos. I used half a chili.

4. Chop Cilantro
6. Juice of some limes
7. Combine everything in a bowl. Add salt/pepper to taste & refrigerate for an hour.





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