Everything counts, even the small details

Good Morning!
Here we are at Monday Morning again.  As this morning finds me at the Las Vegas airport I have decided to send a 10 minute bit of homework to inspire thought.

Do you know the triangle that asks what is it you want to accomplish this week?
Draw the triangle and set your intention in the center.
At each point of the triangle write the 3 things you will do to create the intention.

“If you long to accomplish great and noble tasks, you first must learn to approach every task as though it were great and noble. Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.

Many people downplay small details, dismissing them as minutia-the “small stuff,” that we’re encouraged to ignore.  But, in fact, our whole environment is simply an accumulation of tiny details.  Although we measure our lives in years, we live them in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Every action-every detail of our lives–has bottom-line repercussions, and it’s dangerous and derogatory to think of any of those details as trivial, unimportant or inconsequential.

Successful people, in many walks of life, understand the importance of detail and why EVERYTHING COUNTS:” ~Gary Ryan Blair.

Join me in taking the next 90 days and climbing to the next level.
This week? What details are you going to pay attention to?
What are you doing to…Create a better body?
Put more money in your bank account?
Drive success on your team?
Fill your life with passion?

Enjoy your week!

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