Embrace & Celebrate Your Body!

Embrace & Celebrate Your Body!

So we are two weeks into the Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning and Cleanse System, and we are seeing some great changes! I’ll be honest, the first couple days were a little tough, especially not being able to eat a single meal on the cleanse days! But after only a couple days, it got sooo much easier. I haven’t necessarily seen any major changes in my body, but what I have noticed is my mentality towards my body. I’m seeing myself in a different, more positive light, and beginning to really accept my body the way it is. I feel like I look great, and so that’s what I’ve begun to see in the mirror everyday! Yayy! I didn’t realize how much I knocked myself down on such a regular basis before I started this. Now every time I have a negative thought about the way I look, I try to shift it towards something more positive, or celebrate the things I absolutely love about myself, and this has helped me sooo much. Daily affirmations of how great I look and feel are so important, and a part of my daily routine now!

I’ve also had so much energy lately, and I’ve been hitting the gym everyday. This motivation was definitely lacking before, but just by working out, I feel so much better about myself. I am focusing less on the numbers on the scale and all the imperfections I see, and focusing on what I love about my body (it’s about time I’ve started doing this right?!) My mentality towards working out has also changed. I am now going to the gym to feel good about myself inside and out, and because I love my body, and not because I dislike my body or want to change this or that about it. This has given me the motivation I need to hit the gym every day and to push myself while I’m there. And also relieves so much pressure that I put on myself on a daily basis, which can be extremely exhausting after awhile!

I haven’t felt this good, nor have I had this type of self love towards my body in a very long time, and I’m soo happy to finally have this breakthrough!

My sister Christina has also been feeling great in these last couple weeks. She has lost 14 inches and 7 pounds in just twelve days!!! So awesome! She’s finding that she no longer craves junk food as much as she did prior to the cleanse, and seeing results like that is definitely motivating her to keep moving forward! When it’s all said and done, I think it’ll be so much easier for her to stick to a healthy, active regime, because she now knows how great it feels to take care of your body!!

We can’t wait to see even more changes in the weeks to come!

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