Don’t go blind

Don’t go blind

I woke up this morning and as I peered out the mosquito net and out the window to the green lush leaves, I felt so blessed to be here and so grateful for this life.  I know that might sound a little cheesy but the bottom line is, I’ve been away for 4 weeks and as I stepped back into my life in Bali yesterday I had a new appreciation for things.  I sat in the taxi to my house and noticed things that I used to just whiz by and was struck by beauty all around.

We often get so caught up in the business and stresses of life, we miss the beauty and subtleties that surround us.  In Vancouver last week with my niece walking out of the grocery store, I was a million steps a head of that current moment, thinking about dinner, if I needed to take some cash out of the bank machine, if I should be carrying her so we could pick up the pace.  When she stopped and with amazement she said “Auntie look!”  It was a tiny lady bug on the window of a store we were passing by.  I would have never seen this little creature, let alone stop to admire it.

Admiring the beauty that surrounds us is something we can add to our lives just by making a habit of sinking deeper into each moment and being as observant and curious as a child.  I know we probably wont be able to stop our bosses in the middle of a meeting to point out the gorgeous cloud formations out the window, but we can soak it up ourselves and then return to the meeting.  This same appreciation can be exercised when someone compliments you; don’t do what I spent most of my life doing…shaking it off and trying to move on to the the next topic right away.  Soak it in, without letting it give your ego a high, take a minute to appreciate that compliment or  trait about yourself.

Commit to curiosity this week, look at things you have seen a million times in a new way and soak up the beauty that surrounds you.  Life truly is amazing!

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