Don’t get stuck neither here nor there

Don’t get stuck neither here nor there

I know it can be easy to get stuck in no man’s land; in a job you that doesn’t excite you, hanging with friends that don’t lift you up, in a relationship that ain’t healthy, in patterns that you really don’t want to be in. And you are not alone. We all fall into routine and then all of a sudden, we are thinking “What? This is not what I was aiming for!”. And when you come to that point, what do you do? Because we all know change doesn’t happen over night. Well, I suppose it kind of does, but the big, long lasting change, the kind that can change your life, that change happens in bite-sized daily actions.

So here they are, bite-sized and manageable…


  • DO YOUR VERY BEST.  No matter where you are.  This will bring you to enjoy what you are doing and to grow and learn at a greater pace, even if you do have somewhere else you are working towards.  Enjoy the journey and be authentic and present every step of the way.  It will lead you to great opportunity.
  • BE EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.  Stop wasting time and stop making excuses.  Be bold, make moves and know when you are ready for a change.
  • MAKE A PLAN AND COMMIT TO IT.  If you are on your way to your goal but not there yet, make a plan.  Know where you are going.  Live on purpose!
  • DON’T HOLD BACK.  Waiting for something better; a day greater than today, a better partner, a better job, etc., will only leave you feeling complacent and unfulfilled.
  • KNOW YOUR PURPOSE.  Check in with yourself on a regular basis and be sure you are doing what you love, spending time with people who lift you up and that you are being inspired to learn and grow.

If you apply these attitudes and actions to your life, something will shift.  You might realize you love where you are, you just needed to show up differently, or you might be lead to something totally different.  Be true and be you.  Greatness will come!

And if you want to go deeper, let’s talk.  We want to give you 45 free minutes on the phone with us creating YOUR PASSIONATE LIFE.  This strategy session with give you clarity on what excites you, what is holding you back, what you need more of and what is the best next step for you moving towards your new passionate life.  Let’s talk sister, just click here to find out more.



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