Deep Breath to De-Stress

Deep Breath to De-Stress

Deep Breath to De-Stress

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Let out a big sigh. Then, take the fullest, deep breath possible. Hold it for a moment, then let it all go.

Some days, we don’t take a single deep breath for ourSelf. So go ahead, take another one – enjoy some YOU time.

It’s amazing just how profound taking one deep breath can be. Physiologically you relax, mentally, it pulls you into focus and generally it just feels good!

Breathing deep is one of the most calming, centering and rejuvenating things we can do. Without realizing it, we breathe shallowly from our upper chest. Even if we are conscious of our breathing, sometimes we get stressed or even the common cold can limit our breathing and we remain restricted in lung capacity. When we access deeper parts of our lungs, striving to fill our lungs evenly, we feel energized, more alert and aware due to the life force (prana) we draw in through oxygen.

Long, deep breathing is an amazing way to move energy. The magic is that it’s both relaxing and energizing at the same time. So in a moment of stress it can be the exact medicine we need. Taking a few deep breaths is like hitting an energetic reset button. It can give us clarity, instantly reduce stress and release negative thoughts.

Following your breath for just a few minutes upon rising, can be a catalyst for creating a productive, positive day. Likewise, bedtime breathing is an advantageous way to set the tone for a peaceful slumber.

Your breath is a powerful tool and a free resource. When you start to panic, flail, consume, react, begrudge or slack off, remember your breath. It will put you back on track and give you the energy and focus you need to get stuff done! You’ve got the power, all you need to do is harness it!

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