Little Black Dress Plan is a metaphor.  We all have that perfect little black dress in the back of our closet that we neglect to ever pull out and show off.  And we all have so many gifts and talents that we keep hidden, never to be exercised and celebrated.  NOW is the time to open up, discover your passion and unleash your UNLIMITED POWER.

The 4 closets are all connected.  Strengthening one leads to strength and clarity in the others. Get started on the best version of you.  Step into your greatness and step inside the closets…

1 Plan. 4 Closets. Endless Results.

Body Beautiful

Embrace your beauty and discover practices for feeling vibrant and beautiful inside & out. Fuel-the-fire recipes, energizing tips, beauty secrets, calming breath work & more!


Powerful Passions

When you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. You break all the barriers and limits on Money, Health, Happiness and more!  Expect to discover and live YOUR Passions.

Pumped-Up Prosperity

Prosperity shows up in many ways.  Abundance of time & money, great relationships, vibrant health, living a passionate life.  Is it time for you to PUMP UP YOUR PROSPERITY?

Love Your Life

Tired of living in a world that someone else designed?  Get ready to brighten up your life; your adventure, your travel, your design.


Embrace your beauty and discover practices for feeling vibrant and beautiful inside & out.


Beauty and strength starts from within.  When we are feeling great on the inside, it’s natural to be looking fantastic on the outside.  And when we are being active, working up a sweat and having fun doing it, our minds become stronger and clearer.  At LBDP we know how important it is to get out of your mind and into your body AND we know it needs to be fun.  So get ready to enhance your beauty, amplify your level of feel-good, get power-ed up, energized and centered.

You are perfect just the way you are!


When you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. You break all the barriers and limits on Money, Health, Happiness and more!


Have you ever stopped to wonder “What now?” or “What do I really want?”

The desire to live your biggest life will hit you at some point.  And in order to get clarity and start living your BLISS, you must determine your passions.

What are your passions?  Have they changed?  What is your purpose?

It starts with a hunch, a feeling, and will begin to unfold when you develop this thing called intuition and clarity.  After determining your passions, and bringing them into ACTION by living them, you will start to have feelings re-ignited that have been missing.  Lost but not forgotten.  Your journey has begun.

Imagine waking up every day vibrating, excited about the day ahead.  Imagine spending all your hours doing what you love, with the people you love.  Imagine living your authentic and passionate life!

Say Yes to Today.  Say Yes to the miracles that are just waiting to enter into your life.

Say Yes to the happiness that can fill your heart and the love that is ready to be embraced by you.

Say Yes to living a life by design.


Do you ever find yourself settling for less? Less money, less love, less energy that you truly desire? We want to teach you how to stop settling for less, get out of fear, get into love and start believing in OPPORTUNITY, ABUNDANCE & YOURSELF!


Prosperity is when you know there is an abundant supply of everything you want and need.  It’s a way of living that celebrates great things and riches right where you are, right now, in the present.  It shows up when you release your limiting beliefs of loss and lack.  It takes you out of a mindset of fear and gets you ready for more abundance and greatness in your life.

Prosperity is expressed through money, yet is so much more than that.  Prosperity shows up in many ways; great relationships, living your passions, vibrant health, freedom, and abundance of time & money.

Often, people equate money with freedom and power.  You believe that if you had enough money, you would be free to have the things you want and enjoy control over your personal world.  BUT GUESS WHAT?  You are already ENTIRELY FREE and ULTIMATELY POWERFUL!  The real journey of prosperity is to recognize and expand your power.  It all begins when you are open to prosperity.


Get inspired. See beauty everywhere. Fall in love with the world around you!


“Life is a beautiful thing.”  “Every day is a gift.”  These are phrases we hear often but sometimes we get so caught up in being “busy”, in being amidst the drama, that we forget to take time to get inspired, to see the beauty around us, and to dream up our next travel adventure, fashion purchase, spa experience, art search…

Upgrade your life and travel in first class with all the glitz and glam. Learn about the people and things that inspire us, look closer at fashion and how it really is a beautiful artistic process; from design, production to self-styling.  Dream up ideas about where to travel next.  Indulge in the beauty of worldly treasures & design.  Be surrounded by the beauty this planet holds.

This is your ticket to Looking Great, Feeling Great & Traveling Great.

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