Bring Joy & Purpose into 2016

Bring Joy & Purpose into 2016

Yesterday I sat at the beautiful Rose Cafe in Venice Beach, LA. I was sitting alone enjoying a green juice and while waiting for my brunch, I eavesdropped on the 4 women sharing a long communal table with me. They were all seeing each other for the first time in 2016 and started to talk about the new year, their resolutions and goals for the year.

They all seemed to have a different attitude and approach to the new year. One couldn’t care less, seemed bothered by all the fuss and viewed this time of year as any other. However the woman across from her was on the total opposite end of the spectrum. She had taken a lot of time to analyze her family and personal finances, and was talking about how much she spent unconsciously on things that didn’t hold much value for her in 2015 and she realized she was missing out come the end of the year. So she had set some boundaries that would help her with the unconscious, purposeless spending of time and money to save room for what she truly desired. One resolution she and her family had made was a pact to stop eating out, except for one special dinner out a month where they would go somewhere they were dying to go and celebrate.

The third women, and the last one I heard before my delicious charred avocado toast arrived, was frozen in fear about going back to work today. She was so overwhelmed by her job and everything she didn’t want to do and everything she didn’t like about her life. She said she felt sluggish and unmotivated, dreading going back to real life after the holidays.

It would have been easy for me to sit there and judge these women or think 1 of them was right and the others wrong, but instead I asked myself exactly what I’m going to ask you,

Can you see yourself in any of these women?

Look back at 2015, were there things you feel like you missed out on because you were busy procrastinating? Was there something you couldn’t afford because you spent your money in areas you weren’t purposefully spending in?

If so, do things differently this year!

Step up and make conscious decisions about where you’re spending your time, energy & money in 2016.

So that you can spend it doing the things you really truly want to do with the people you love.


Now let me ask you, if you’re feeling the fear that the last woman had; if you’re hating your job, dreading going to work, wishing a relationship would just drop off a cliff so you wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore, if you’re feeling sluggish, living for Friday…

What can you do to make your job bring you joy?

What can you do to make each and every day a celebration?

Is there a way you can make that relationship more fun,  communicative & fulfilling?

What choices can you make to bring yourself into a place of happiness every day?

Here are few things to try…

  • A morning routine doing something you absolutely love before work.
  • Fun conversation starters to help spice up the conversation at your dinner table with your partner and family (we love TableTopics).
  • Get your exercise with your best friend or doing something you love, not just hitting the gym because that’s what you’re told will make you healthy.
  • Tell your boss about something you would absolutely love to do at work.
  • If you run your own business, identify what you love doing and find a way to do it more or bring that into your work?
  • Plan a special girls-night-out (or in) with your best girlfriends once a month.

Decide what you’ll do to change your vibration…

Because the universe matches your vibration. If you’re vibrating with low level energy sitting in fear, overwhelm, doubt, helplessness, that’s what is going to keep on coming back to you. But if you shift your energy, through laughter, a dance break (seriously do this it works wonders), positive attitude, getting creative with your life, doing things you love and looking for things to be grateful for every day… then you will have a high vibration that the universe will match.

Happy New Year beautiful people!

Leave a comment below to let us know how you’re committed to joy & high vibrational energy in 2016.


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  1. june

    Beautiful and may everyone live for joy and happiness
    I too look lforward to a New and joyful life 2016

    I see it unfolding now

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