Avoid playing small and shine bright

Avoid playing small and shine bright

Part of the grace of being a women is caring for others in a uniquely genuine way.

Giving all of ourselves to support others, putting our families first, being the rock for our friends, taking the back seat to the dreams of our partners, working selflessly at our careers.  The grace and divine feminine that emanates from within each woman is truly beautiful.

However, if we aren’t conscious of our energy and our choices, we can be left wondering…what about me? What about my dreams?  Or maybe you instead find yourself playing small and totally forgetting to nourish your own soul & dreams?

I had a talk with my mom Bonnie yesterday and she shed some light on something I’ve been struggling with.  Currently I am deeply immersed in my practice of Kunalini yoga, which means I have an extensive morning practice; pranayam (breath work), Kriyas (set of exercises), and a whole lot of chanting and meditating.  I love the chanting because the sound, known as Naad in yogic tradition, has in itself healing powers!

By using our voices in a big way, we open up the throat chakra…

The energetic point in the body which allows us to speak our truth, communicate clearly and share with the world in an authentic way.

It is important for all women to cultivate an open throat chakra, especially as the world is in such a tumultuous time.  We need our compassionate, truthful voices as women to rise up.

Back to the story… I’m doing this practice, but I also live in a 500 square foot shoe box, oops I mean apartment.  So as you can imagine, my boyfriend is not as keen about the early morning chanting as I.  So I find myself feeling bad while I’m doing it or just skipping the practice all together as I want to take care of and cater to someone else.  This had me feeling frustrated, but when I talked to my mom, I realized that I need my morning practice; it fuels me and allows me to shine my light, which in turn serves all the people in my life and on my path.  I owe it to myself and them to not shy away from that which serves me.

So I had to get creative, like we so often have to in life.  I had to come up with a way I could do my practice, showing up 100% and not feel bad about it.  So I found a different space I can use to do my practice and bought a set of sound cancelling headphones for when I do it at home.

Do you have a dream or a ritual that’s important to you but it seems to drop to the bottom of your priority list over & over again?

Is it something that fuels and nurtures you so that you can serve your family, partner, career, self, world in a bigger way?  If so, I suggest you take it from the bottom of the list and plunk it at the very top!  Make it non negotiable.  You’ve got to put on your oxygen mask before you can help anyone else with theirs.

Remember to…

Play big,

Make yourself a priority,

Love living your life,

Bless everyone around you with your presence and light!

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