Are you being vague?

Are you being vague?

What starts in Vagueness stays in Vagueness

Are you crystal clear about how you want your life to look?  If not, it is time to GET CLEAR.   Creating the life you design is not a huge feat, but there are tools and techniques that make the climb more less scary, more fun and totally life changing.

Let’s look at this past year and reflect.  Take some time to answer these questions and be honest with yourself, but do not be hard on yourself.  This is a learning exercise that will show you what to shift in 2015.

Questions to answer about this past year;

  • Where did you succeed in the past year? Was it in wealth, health, relationship, relationship with yourself…?
  • Did you put more money in your bank account?  Did your business grow?
  • Are you healthier than when you started out one year ago?
  • Did you fall in love?  Did you fall out of love?
  • Where did you not meet your goals and intentions?
  • For the times that you did not meet your goals, who’s agenda and goals were you really following?

In our course IGNITE YOUR LIFE find out…

  • Why 90 % of people do not meet their goals and intentions and why they are not living the life they desire
  • How you can put your life on a fast track
  • Develop a bullet proof plan and stay with it for results that you want
  • You must be ready to follow your commitments and get Radical Rewarding Results!

Make this your BEST YEAR YET!

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  1. Laura

    I can’t wait to hear about all of the success from your group!

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