6 Steps to Spring clean your mind

6 Steps to Spring clean your mind

1. Commit to clarity and making decisions. No more humming and hawing over things; if you are deciding what to have for lunch, think about how the different foods make you feel and how the fuel will serve you. Then YOU decide.

2. Clean off your desk, computer and office/creative spaces. Only keep what you need and have everything else well organized and easy to find.

3. Stop being distracted by your to-do lists. Choose an awesome app like Evernote and make your lists all in one place. What are your goals for 2015, new recipe ideas you have, what do you want to accomplish this spring, what events do you want to attend? Keep all these thoughts in one place, easy to access and not distracting you laying all over the house and popping up all over your mind.

4. Daily meditation. Even if it isn’t your practice and the word meditation scares you, just change it to daily deep breathing. When we take time to be quiet and just breathe it brings us back to zero and makes room for more creative thoughts throughout the day. Plus it is known to bring down cortisol levels, and we want this!

5. Stop saying yes when you really mean no. If you are a person who constantly agrees to engagements then stresses over not having enough time. Start checking in with yourself first; is it in alignment with your goals and timing? Do you really want to do it? Then answer.

6. Get outside. The spring flower and fresh air will work their magic! Want more goodies from us, we want to hook you up!

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