Heartfelt Gratitude

Since committing to the practice of feeling grateful and expressing it, I’ve been observing how we use the magic words “Thank you.”  Although polite, sometimes I feel we are on auto pilot to respond with a simple “Thanks” and perhaps we aren’t fully tapping into the potential that genuine gratitude has. The power of deeply felt and consistently expressed sentiments of gratitude serve as the catalyst for profound and magical transformation in life.

“Gratitude is the memory of the Heart” Jean Baptiste Massieu

As I go deeper into this practice, I’m actively focusing on projecting emotionally charged gratitude from my physical heart. Sound intense?! Esoteric? It’s actually science. The Electromagnetic energy of the heart not only envelopes every cell in our bodies, but also extends out into the space around us. Our cardiac field reaches those with in 8-10 feet of where are.

This means generally everyone around you is picking up what you’re feeling in your heart, consciously or unconsciously… there is an exchange. Take a moment to consider how and who you can offer gratitude, even just for the simple things.

There is an energetic conversation that occurs when  we can look a person in the eye and acknowledge them with appreciation from a heart-centered place. Every time we interact with someone there is an exchange of energy from the heart. It feels incredibly good to connect with someone and let them know you’re truly grateful. Good feelings attract more good feelings.

Getting in touch with your physical heart is a surefire way to increase your feelings of gratitude exponentially.

Here is a simple meditation you can do to connect to heartfelt gratitude.

Close your eyes.

Sit quietly for a moment.

Place one or both hands on your heart.

Become aware of the sounds around you, starting with sounds that are farthest away first. Outside noises. Birds, cars, people, rain, wind etc…

Then bring your attention to the sounds that are closer to you, perhaps in the same room as you.

Now focus on the sounds inside you. Your breathing. Perhaps you can get quiet and sensitive that you hear the gentle beating of your heart.

Bring the awareness to the center of the chest, the space of your heart.

Silently say “Thank You” to yourself & notice how you feel.

Then visualize the words “Thank You” coming out of your heart as you say them, rather than from your mind or mouth.

You can use this visualization every time you extend your gratitude.

Once you have practiced this a few times, you will feel an increase in your depth of feeling. The deeper the feeling, the greater the reasonance and ultimately more willingness abides for abundance to flow.

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