A 2-letter miracle

A 2-letter miracle

Just like so many women I know, I have this thing where I say “yes” when I really mean “no.”  I am talking about giving in to this inner voice that thinks I should please others, do everything for other people and say yes before even checking in with myself.  Sometimes I think it is linked to an old hard wired habit of seeking approval, or my need to be an over achiever, or other times I think it is because that is how we as women have been taught for many years.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE helping my family and friends, being a support system and contributing to the greater good.  But what I am talking about is continuously ignoring my dreams, desires and time to serve the wants of others first.

But I had something really cool happen last week, I said “no.”  Crazy right?!  It’s just a measly 2-letter word that should be a simple thing to say, but soooooo often I say “yes,”  when if I actually looked at my priorities and itinerary, it’s a definite no.

Let me tell you how this 2-letter miracle happened.  I got an email about a really exciting project.  It’s something I had worked on before with a few people I love and admire, exercising a new creative outlet for me, on a project I truly support.  When reading the email I started to get excited, it’s that sparkly stuff that always grabs our attention, but as I read on and saw the dates and deadlines I started to feel a lump in my stomach. Seriously, checking in with how you feel physically is amazing…try it when you next read an email that evokes some kind of emotion.  I took that physical cue, pulled my fingers away from the keyboard as they were already wanting to type “YES.”  And I took a minute to check in with myself.  What are my main goals and passions right now?  When are the timelines I have set for my goals?  Is this in line with what I am creating in my life now?  Is it in line with my passions?  When I answered honestly, the answer was no, no it was not in line with my passions and yes, it would take my focus and energy off of that which I am passionately creating.

So I did what I had to do.  I wrote back and I shared my excitement for the project and laid down those 2 powerful letters in this order…N…O.  Honestly, I was so hesitant and doubted myself up until the moment I pressed send. Then this relief came over me.  I had chosen to avoid overwhelm, to keep my focus and have my goals as my #1 priority. And let me tell you, it felt absolutely liberating!

I invite you to exercise your 2 letter super power.  Choose to stay focused, choose your own itinerary and go for your dreams girl!!!

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Have a powerful week saying “NO”.


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