10 words to live by

10 words to live by

This past week my mom and I took time out of our shopping spree in NYC to fight the manic Manhattan traffic to Penn Station and caught the Amtrak train, that lead us past the picturesque scenery of the changing autumn leaves to a small town called Rhinebeck in Upstate New York.  We had expected beautiful clear fall weather for our meditation retreat with the incredible healer from Brazil, John of God.  But despite our plans and what we had packed, a wild storm hit and we were left fighting torrential rains and whipping winds.  We rummaged through our luggage to come up with whatever we could find to keep us warm for our outdoor retreat…keep in mind, it had to be white, as that was the dress code for the event.  We managed to pull our little white cocoons together to protect us from the elements for our 2 days spent outdoors meditating.  You know it had to be a very special event for my mom to stick around…outdoors in the freezing cold rain.  She really is a sun bunny!

And the truth is, we could barley feel the cold, totally encompassed in the miracles and magic of our time at the Omega Institute.  There were so many a-ha moments, and this is the one I want to share with you…

When you feel overcome by the drama and conflict around you or within, remember these 10 words…

Find something that brings you joy and focus on it!

No matter what you are in the midst of, be it hurricane weather, family drama, financial stress, inner doubt…Find something that brings you joy and focus on it.

When we are in the state of joy, our energy vibrates at a higher level, one that will bring us more joy and love.  It can be so simple; snuggle with a dog (their joy and high vibe energy is so contagious), call your favorite person on the phone, watch videos of cute, carefree animals on youtube, go for a walk and get lost in the wonders of nature, take 10 minutes to meditate, read something inspiring…  Get yourself out of the low level energy and negativity, and do any simple thing that raises your energy and makes you feel joy.

Here’s a lil 15 seconds of joy that made me smile this week…

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpt9pbKKWP0[/embedyt]
Wishing you a JOY filled day!  Even if it’s raining where you are….



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